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 投稿者:中瀬友理絵(Yurie Nakase)  投稿日:2013年11月17日(日)12時07分3秒


 投稿者:Karen  投稿日:2009年 5月 1日(金)01時23分39秒
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  my new hair style haha Oink Oink~~ :) Hao kan ma? never cut hair like this before :P  

Green Island

 投稿者:karen  投稿日:2009年 4月21日(火)22時51分36秒
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  Hi Shaolin,
ni hao ma? why don't want to let me know ni hao ba hao? or still busy in USA?
I want to share with you something, because when I been there, miss you so much.

Mei you ren de green island jine de hen piao liang !!!
I went to green island again with my boss and the family we met when we took the boat to the green island.

it was amazing when I snorkeling over there.
and since it's not summer time , not much people there so the air was fresh , feel so good :)

you can see the pictures I took here, the lobsters was cooking by hot spring (seawater)  jine de hao hao chi :P



 投稿者:Karen  投稿日:2009年 3月22日(日)18時14分23秒
  Happy Birthday to.....Bubu Karen. hahaha ^^a  


 投稿者:K  投稿日:2009年 3月10日(火)22時07分13秒
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  You told me you will be in USA for wrok, so I think you might will be very busy right now.
I keep dreaming about you for one week already, a liite bit worry about you and miss you so much,especially when I watching the Japanese TV program...there is no one can share with me :(
maybe you will never come to here to leave a message to let me know everything is fine for you :(

I quitted Smoking since I said "only somking for you".
and quitted pub and bar and dating , haha , how a health life I have now. ^^y

I am studying for get "The Senior Securities Specialist" license, it's so difficutle than last lincense I got..

There have 4 books each over 500 pages I have to study , including Securities Investments/Financial Analysis/Securities and Exchange Practice/Securities and Exchange law .... XD  not my major...

sorry for talk a lot here, I just want to talk with you, I can't tell anyone when I miss you, so I just leave a message here and pretended you will read it:P

I never make a wish in the new year and Birthday, but I made my first wish for 2009...I want to see you....hao xiang Shaolin de baka bubu T_T


 投稿者:KAREN  投稿日:2009年 3月 1日(日)22時19分14秒
  Ni hao ma? :D
no matter where you are , what you are doing now...
I do really hope everything is fine with you and everything is going well.
I am fine of course, just miss you a lot but still fine :)

wo de Shaolin yao happy hao ma ?? :) jia you !!!!


 投稿者:Karen  投稿日:2009年 2月 9日(月)21時05分57秒
  Well...I give up :(  


 投稿者:Karen  投稿日:2009年 1月26日(月)00時41分18秒
  Wo de Wii& Wii Fit :P  

Happy new year.

 投稿者:KAREN  投稿日:2009年 1月 2日(金)15時50分3秒
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  I know when you say bye bye that's mean you won't leave any message to me, but I still want to say "Happy new year" to you and let you know I am fine,hope you will see this message someday.

Shaolin, because I hope can see you again someday so I don't want to look back to the past. I won't cry and find my way, maybe we won't meet up anymore but at least I will find the other way to if I keep going.

I want you know, if someday you allow me to visit you in USA, please tell me.
wo jinde xiang qu mei guo kan ni. :) please remember it , hao ma?!
There have something I didn't do it when we together because I was shy or forgot..
like this one...I was prepared a sexy dance for your 36 years old birthday but you when to China for buinese trip and after you back I don't have any bravery to do it anymore. :P (really!!!I pick up a song and practied for half month)

of course not only this kind of stupid thing.
I just don't want to regret anything with you,if have a chance to meet you again, I want to do anything I want to do , tell you the things I want to tell.
then I won't miss you so much.

but if we can not meet anymore..mei guan xi...at least, I tell you about my thought and let you know "wo hen hao", jinde hen hao,because I am so apprecicated you came to see me againg, jinde jinde xie xie, まんぞく :)

after met with you ,I find out I don't want to date with anyone just for esacpe from my lonely life,that's too stupid.
you don't know how important for me to be your girl again even for 3 days only.
2008 for me was sad and black, and you bring a gift to me end of 2008, so that I can walk out the terrible life.

I know I am not your buiness anymore, but jinde jinde jinde xie xie, wo jinde heng hao.
if the messages I left will make you feel uncomfortable, you can close this BBS.
and I will know you dont to hear anything from me anymore.

:D Thanks for everything you gave to me.Hope you can understand I do really hen xie xie Shaolin.  Jia you!! wo yao qu study le, and Happy 2009!!!


 投稿者:karen  投稿日:2008年12月22日(月)11時58分22秒
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  I just worry about you will put me to the person who like your boss's girlfriend in TW.
But I think, you didn't , so I am not sad anymore, and very happy to keep in touch with you because when I know you are keep going well, I will more Jia you :D

I am preparing a very difficult test for my job now , after I pass it , you will be the first one to know it ;)

I have a lot of things want to share with you but I think it's better to tell you after my English is more better than now :P